3X - 10X Profits On Your Expert Business Without A Blog, Podcast, Social Media Or A Big Email List!

You don't have the time, budget, team or attention span to build out content-first sales funnels ... only to find, months later, they didn't work!

Fortunately, the need for loads of free content to seed a sales funnel is a great myth. I prove, every day, you don't need all that, to sell online.

What Is The Reverse Funnel?



Not Sure Why This Way Is So Much Better Than The Content First Sales Funnel?

This is a proven, cutting-edge strategy for growing your expert business, in less time, WITHOUT a bunch of wasteful content, useless social media, a big email list or ... a big ad budget.

The Reverse Funnel Workshop is Course #3 in our comprehensive Facebook ad curriculum. 

This is why it is the "Best Facebook Ad Training in 2017"

Use Facebook to get new leads

Facebook Pixel Quickstart

The foundation... this is the brains of the Facebook algorithm. With the right data, Facebook makes you a genius. Without it? ... Your ads fail!

Improve Facebook ROI

Facebook Ads: Soup To Nuts

This is the tactical nuts and bolts of Facebook ad targeting, creating Facebook ads with high ROI, and managing Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook Retargeting

The Reverse Funnel Workshop

This is a proven, cutting-edge strategy for creating a profitable sales funnel, using Facebook ads, in less time WITHOUT creating a bunch of content first.

NOTE: All three programs are included when you purchase The Reverse Funnel Workshop (BEST VALUE!)

What Makes The Reverse Funnel™ So Different?

This program is led by Kim Snider. Kim has started 13 different companies, including one that she grew to #826 on the Inc List of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. She understands your most precious asset is time.

The Reverse Funnel came from the realization that the way others were teaching marketing funnels generally … and Facebook advertising specifically … might work in a perfect world ... but our world is far from perfect.

We are micropreneurs. We just don't have the time or bandwidth to build out these massive, top-down sales funnels. Nor can we afford to lose money "buying data" or pay someone $15K - $25K to do it for us.

The Reverse Funnel is all about “Do less. Earn More.”

In a nutshell, the process is about one clear and compelling offer … to one avatar … acquired through one acquisition strategy. Then rinse and repeat.

It’s The One Thing meets The Lean Startup. Now you can:

    ⇒ Get quicker and more certain ROI - No more months and month of time and $1000's spent ... only to find you didn't make money!

    ⇒ Shorten implementation time and cost - we cut right to where the money is because ... We have businesses to run and limited time and budgets!!

    ⇒ Double your profit this year - That's the promise. If you work the program, you should be able to easily double what your business earns ... and you put in your pocket.

Now Kim has turned her process into an online workshop. In this guided, hands-on, learning program you will:

✓ Understand why the way everyone else is teaching online marketing strategy in general … and Facebook advertising specifically … just doesn't work for micropreneurs.

✓ Learn the how to leverege most powerful marketing tool ever invented, being used by 4.2 million small businesses, to grow their businesses. But in this program, Facebook ads are a means to an end ... not the end in and of itself.

✓ Learn how to use the Reverse Funnel Building Process to create profitable sales funnels, without it becoming a full-time job.

✓ Shorten the learning curve - Learn just what you need to know, from someone you trust ... no more trying to sort through all the hype and gibberish!

Join today and let Kim Snider show you her way. Thanks to our 100% Lifetime Guarantee, you be the sole judge of whether the Reverse Funnel-Building Framework makes more sense for businesses like ours.

Learn our Facebook advertising strategy online

The Reverse Funnel Workshop Video Content

Part I - Foundational Concepts

Campaign Definition

Sales Funnel Definition

Problems With Top-Down Content Funnel

The Reverse Funnel

Implementation Checklist

Part II - The Lean Sales Funnel

 Finding The Right Audience

Finding "The Magic Hook"

The Perfect Conversion Event

Facebook Traffic Made Simple

How To Optimize Based On Initial Results


Part III- Plugging Leaky Buckets

Intro To Lucky Buckets

Email/SMS Retargeting

Facebook Ad Retargeting

Site Retargeting

How To Optimize Based On Initial Results

Part IV  - Increasing Lifetime Value

Why LTV Is Critical Number

Raising Prices

Customer Retention

Adding Upsells, Cross-Sells, Bundles & Packages

Tools for Measuring Results


What Will This Cost Me?

Here is the question you should be asking yourself ...

Can this program add more than $3000 of value, to your business, over a reasonable payback period?

This is The 3X Rule.

The Lifetime Honor Guarantee mitigates the risk that you are wrong. So, take that out of the equation.

If the answer is "Yes", you should buy this workshop. That is the only logical decision.

If the answer is "No", you should not buy this program, even if you think it sounds cool.

Like The Reverse Funnel itself, it is just simple math. 

Hope that helps.


THE Reverse Funnel Workshop


The Program For Time-Strapped Expert Business
Owners Who Want A 'Paycheck-At-Will'
(a.k.a. a profitable sales funnel)

  • Instant 24/7 Access To All Video Content
  • 6 mos. of 2X-monthly member-only webinars/coaching calls
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Meet Your Guide



The Reverse Funnel Workshop is taught by Kim Snider, creator of an eponymous investment workshop that has generated over $31 million in total revenue since 2001 and put her investment firm on the Inc List of Fastest Growing Companies in America in both 2008 & 2009.

Kim "retired" to South Carolina, in 2011,  and has since started several lifestyle businesses to support her polo habit ... umm, errr, keep her mind busy! 

She quickly discovered that, despite all of her knowledge and prior success, she simply couldn't get a funnel built... Not the way everyone else was teaching it!

Her epiphany was that "the secret is in the sequence" and The Reverse Funnel was born.