What Is A Good Cost Per Lead On Facebook?

Hey There-

I get this question a lot!

A typical lead cost, in a competitive market on Facebook, is between $7 - $10.

That said... my target, in my Reverse Funnels, is under $2.

Quite often, following the Reverse Funnel formula, I can get under $1.

But those results are definitely not typical.

Some other numbers I look at, to determine if a link click ad is successful, are:

✓ Relevance Score > 7

✓ Conversion Rate (Results/Link Clicks) > 30%

The cost-per-lead is critical in determining whether you are losing or making money with Facebook ads.

For example:

- Assume I am paying $10 per lead and my online course is $1000.

- That means for 100 leads, I spend $1000.

- If I convert 1% of leads (1 out of 100), I just break-even.

- At $5 per lead, I make $500.

- And, at $1 per lead, I make $900.

But I want to caution you against just chasing cheap leads. 

You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for?"

Uh huh!

What you really want to do is work to:

1. Increase conversion rates from 1% (which are the first two legs of The Reverse Funnel and ...

2. increase your lifetime value of a customer (LTV), which is the third leg. 

Then, you can afford to outbid competitors for quality leads.

That is how you really win at Facebook marketing.

Hope that helps, 


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