How to ethically steal customers from competitors

Hey There-

I met a speaker at Social Media Marketing World 2017 who REALLY intrigued me with the concept of super-fans.

Super-fans are the ones who are actively engaging with you long after everyone else loses interest. 

They read your Twitter stream, listen to your podcasts, read your emails, buy your products.

So, maybe you don't have super fans... Yet!

But is there a really successful competitor who has lots of followers on social media? 

Grok this ... Within your competitors following are a percentage who are super-fans waiting for the next shiny object to appear...

Or even better yet... maybe they don't have shiny object syndrome... but that wasn't a fit... or didn't solve their problem... 

So they would jump ship if they found someone who did.

Super-fans are worth more than the average joe who opts in to your lead magnet because they have a higher propensity to buy. 

Plus, they engage. They refer. They try to convert the unconverted.

So how can you ethically attract someone else's super-fans? Without doing a lot of work?

Step 1 - Find someone who already has a large audience of your ideal target market. The bigger their audience the better.

Step 2 - Set up your own link shortening service with pixel tracking

Step 3 - Find popular articles, posts, etc. using tools like BuzzSumo, Nuzzel, Pocket, Reddit, etc.

Step 4 - Share them in the other person's social media groups or tag them in Twitter feeds, with your shortened link.

Important notes about Step 4... 

We use our own link shortener because we can pixel the link clicks for retargeting, without having to create/host content on our site. 

To work, articles must be relevant and genuinely helpful... not spammy! 

Links to your own content are generally frowned on by group owners.

But links to other people's content... even the group owner's best content... with your pixelled link 🤓 ... how can they be mad about that???

The goal is to sniff out the super-fans. 

The posts are bait.  

The links are the hook.

The result is you build a valuable custom audience to target with Facebook ads.

Plus... make sure your social media profiles are up to date, as some people will be curious and naturally check you out, without you ever promoting yourself.

As a bonus, hanging in these groups will... 

Help you learn the language your prospects use to describe the challenges they have... 

And clue you in to what they like and don't like about your competitor's solution...

Plus ...

Hopefully, you will discover an angle or twist you can address that makes your offering unique from everyone else.

Make sense?

This is a super useful way to do some list building during the research phase of the Reverse Funnel and beyond. 

This is competitive intelligence... with benefits.

Try it and let me know how it goes. 

But remember... Be helpful. Never spammy. 

And never violate the community rules of the group.


Let's get growing,