3 Facebook Ad Hacks For Sub-$1 Leads

Hack #1 - Spy on your competition <gasp!>

Use the website adicted.io to look at the ads other people in similar industries are running.

You can see what offers they are making, what creative they are using and what sort of engagement they get.

Hack #2 - Hack the headline

Use Sumo's free Kickass Headline Generator to create headlines for your email subject lines, ad headlines, blog posts...

These may seem hackneyed ... but if they work, who cares?

The key to sub-$1 leads is engagement on your ad ... Views, Likes, Comments and Shares. 

Studies show most people don't click the links before they Share. They Like and Share just based on the headline and image

Hack #3 - Build custom audiences of other people's super-fans using other people's content

One of the bonuses for my Reverse Funnel Workshop is a course that teaches you how to build your own link shortener.

This link shortener allows you to post links to 3rd party content on social media, (meaning not coming to your site) but still pixel all link clicks.

The value of that should be obvious.

But one killer hack is to post links to others people's content, in the feeds and groups of similar interests/celebrities. Doing this lets you do three things...

1. You are posting content that would genuinely be helpful tot hat audience

2. You are testing what content resonates without having to create all that content

3. You are pixelling their most engaged users who might have an interest in you for highly relevant ads.



This isn't all there is to it, of course.

You HAVE to have your offer right or no Facebook ad in the world is going to convert.

But it's possible. Here are the ones I am running right now ...

Just so you know I eat my own cooking.


Good, huh?