STOP Wasting Time and Money Creating Content!

Micropreneurs don't have the time, budget, team or attention span to build out top-down content-first sales funnels ... only to find, they didn't work!

Learn a better way, designed by a micropreneur, just like you, to solve this problem for herself. Now you can create online sales funnels, in less time, with fewer moving parts, and less risk ... that REALLY work! 

What Is The Reverse Funnel?


Not Sure Why This Way Is So Much Better Than The Content First Sales Funnel?

How about 3X - 14X profits of the content-first sales funnel ... with less time and less risk? Uh huh!

I love it when someone explains something “NEW” and the penny drops and then you think - “this is so logical its crazy we haven’t been doing it this way all along”.
— Connie Cooper, Mortgage Advantage

Learn why the content-first sales funnel has failed you...

Cold fact ... 80% of offers fail! So do 80% of your emails and 80% of your ads. Micropreneurs don't have time to sift through that haystack like big guys do!

Improve Facebook ROI

Grow profits by focusing on the few things that matter

There is no way around "The 80% Failure Rule." But, by focusing first on where impact is greatest, (hint: the bottom of the sales funnel) turns out there is a shortcut.


Facebook Retargeting

Get out from under information overload

 Which guru do I listen to? Which tools do I use? What's the hot new strategy? The volume of information is paralyzing. This isn't a fad. It's math. Like 2 + 2.

What Makes The Reverse Funnel™ So Different?

This program is led by Kim Snider. Kim has started 13 different companies, including one that she grew to #826 on the Inc List of Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies. She understands your most precious asset is time.

The Reverse Funnel came from the realization that the way others were teaching marketing funnels generally … and Facebook advertising specifically … might work in a perfect world ... but our world is far from perfect.

We are micropreneurs. We just don't have the time or bandwidth to build out these massive, top-down sales funnels. Nor can we afford to lose money "buying data" or pay someone $15K - $25K to do it for us.

The Reverse Funnel is all about “Do less. Earn More.”

In a nutshell, the process is about one clear and compelling offer … to one avatar … acquired through one acquisition strategy. Then rinse and repeat.

It’s The One Thing meets The Lean Startup. Now you can:

    ⇒ Get quicker and more certain ROI - No more months and month of time and $1000's spent ... only to find you didn't make money!

    ⇒ Shorten implementation time and cost - we cut right to where the money is because ... We have businesses to run and limited time and budgets!!

    ⇒ Double your profit this year - That's the promise. If you work the program, you should be able to easily double what your business earns ... and you put in your pocket.

Now Kim has turned her process into an online workshop. In this guided, hands-on, learning program you will:

✓ Understand why the way everyone else is teaching online marketing strategy in general … and Facebook advertising specifically … just doesn't work for micropreneurs.

✓ Learn the how to leverege most powerful marketing tool ever invented, being used by 4.2 million small businesses, to grow their businesses. But in this program, Facebook ads are a means to an end ... not the end in and of itself.

✓ Learn how to use the Reverse Funnel Building Process to create profitable sales funnels, without it becoming a full-time job.

✓ Shorten the learning curve - Learn just what you need to know, from someone you trust ... no more trying to sort through all the hype and gibberish!

Join today and let Kim Snider show you her way. Thanks to our 100% Lifetime Guarantee, you be the sole judge of whether the Reverse Funnel-Building Framework makes more sense for businesses like ours.

Learn our Facebook advertising strategy online

The Reverse Funnel Workshop Video Content

Part I - Foundational Concepts

Campaign Definition

Sales Funnel Definition

Problems With Top-Down Content Funnel

The Reverse Funnel

Process Overview

Part II - One Offer To One Avatar

 Testing Before You Build

Creating An Offer That Sells

Build Out Initial Offer

Run Traffic To Your Offer

Optimizing Your Offer Based On Initial Results


Part III- Plugging Leaky Buckets

Intro To Lucky Buckets

Email/SMS Retargeting

Facebook Ad Retargeting

Site Retargeting

Optimizing Based On Results

Part IV  - Increasing Lifetime Value

Why LTV Is Critical Number

Raising Prices

Customer Retention

Adding Upsells, Cross-Sells, Bundles & Packages

Tools for Measuring Results


What Will This Cost Me?

  • Compared to what you could easily spend on Facebook ads, lead magnets and blog posts that don't work?

  • Compared to what an hour of your time is worth to your business? (Usually $100/hour and up for a Founder)

  • Compared to my hourly rate for consulting? ($350/hour)

  • Compared to the profit potential? (2X - 10X the top-down content funnel)


DIY Membership


For the confident Do-It-Yourselfer

  •   100% No-Hoops No-Hassle LIFETIME GUARANTEE
  • 24/7 Access To All Video Content
  • Bi-weekly member-only webinars/coaching calls
  • Private Facebook Study Group
  • One Year Access
  • One Year Of Updates
  • BONUS: FREE Facebook Pixel Quickstart Course
  • BONUS: FREE Facebook: Soup To Nuts Course
  • BONUS: FREE Course: Pixeling 3rd Party Links
  • BONUS: - 6 mos 12 mos of group coaching ($5976 value)


Buy now ⇒ One Pmt $997 ⇒ OR ⇒ 3 Monthly PMTs of $367!

VIP Membership


Includes premium support & coaching

  •   100% No-Hoops No-Hassle LIFETIME GUARANTEE
  • 24/7 Access To All Video Content
  • Bi-weekly member-only webinars/coaching calls
  • Private Facebook Study Group
  • BONUS: FREE Lifetime Access
  • BONUS: FREE Lifetime Updates
  • BONUS: FREE Facebook Pixel Quickstart Course
  • BONUS: FREE Facebook: Soup To Nuts Course
  • BONUS: FREE Course: Pixeling 3rd Party Links
  • BONUS: - 6 mos 12 mos of group coaching ($5976 value)
  • VIP ONLY - Lifetime 10% discount on Sync2CRM***
  • VIP ONLY - Up to 5 hr/mo of 1-on-1 coaching ($15K value)


Buy now ⇒ One Pmt $1997 ⇒ OR ⇒ 4 Monthly PMTs of $547!

Not Sure If The Reverse Funnel Workshop Is Right For You?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same thing everyone else is teaching?

Definitely not! What everyone else teaches is the traditional top-down funnel. What I came to realize is that approach just doesn't work for micropreneurs. It's too complicated, it takes too long to implement and the payback is too uncertain.

Instead, I am going to teach you The Reverse Funnel™. Just as the name implies, my Reverse Funnel starts where it matters and then works backwards.

It can be done in small chunks, with immediate, higher probability ROI, and in far less time.

The Reverse Funnel is all about “Do Less. Earn More.” It’s The One Thing meets The Lean Startup.

Who is this workshop for? Who is it not?

You will get the most from this program if …

✓ You are a micropreneur - less than 5 team members doing $0 - $1M in revenue
✓ You are not happy with your results in 2016 and want to do better
✓ You sell a limited number of goods or services online
✓ Your customer lifetime value is greater than $500
✓ You have run Facebook ads in the past
✓ You have some knowledge of other marketers and/or marketing strategies
✓ You are an action-taker who understands the value of time

This program is probably not for you if …

- You have a sales funnel already dialed in you are happy with
- You run an e-commerce store or sell lots of products
- Your customer lifetime value is less than $500
- You sell something prohibited by Facebook

I am worried that I just don't have time for one more thing on my plate!

I totally get that. But I will tell you the same thing I tell my private coaching clients. Time is not the issue. Prioritization is. Most of our days are filled with busyness that doesn't really move the needle.

Small businesses have to be obsessed with creating leverage. Want to know what leverage is? I recently ran a Facebook project that gave me a 2480% return in two days with an investment of less than six hours of my time.

When you can get that sort of result, you make time. Simple as that.

I am worried I can't afford this program!

This is going to sound a little harsher than I mean it to. But it is the truth ...

The less you can afford this program, the more you need it!

But as the Founder of 13 different start-ups, I understand that cash is often tight. That is why I offer a payment option.

It does cost a little bit more in the end. But you can pay in installments to spread out the cash flow hit.

Plus, the program will NEVER be cheaper than it is right now.

Maybe you're thinking you tried Facebook advertising before and it "just doesn't work"?

First of all, while Facebook is a powerful tool that I encourage you to learn and use as part of your toolkit, this is sooooo much more than a Facebook course!

And I would also argue, if you tried Facebook ads before and it didn’t work, the problem isn't Facebook. And it’s probably not your product or service.

The way others are teaching you to use Facebook just doesn’t work for small, small businesses like ours. It can’t.

That’s why I developed The Reverse Funnel. It’s like The One Thing meets The Lean Startup. It was developed, in the trenches, by a successful entrepreneur (me), specifically for microprenuers (you). And, if you do the work, it works!

Will this work if I sell B2B or sell a service?

Generally, who you sell to or what it is is not really the issue. That said, if your customer lifetime value is below $500, you sell a large number of goods or services, or something prohibited by Facebook, this is probably not going to be a fit for you.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 100% no questions asked LIFETIME refund policy.

Do I have to complete the program within a certain amount of time?

I am going to say Yes! Our DIY Plan includes one year of access and updates. Our VIP plan includes Lifetime Access.

But I have to tell you, I am not positive I am doing you any favors by allowing you Lifetime Access (VIPs Only).

The best thing I can do for you is get you to go through the program and work the system.

If you wait, there is a massive opportunity cost … both in member calls and 1-on-1 coaching sessions you didn’t get any value from … and the delayed impact on your business.

So pretend like it could it could go away tomorrow … even though it doesn’t!

What is included in 1-on-1 email/phone support?

VIP Members get up to 5 hours per month of email or phone support for the first year. This is in addition to the Private Facebook Study Group and one year of twice monthly group coaching calls. Just let us know what you are trying to do and we will be more than happy to help as best as we can.

What is the format of the group coaching and how is it delivered?

The group coaching will be held via GoToWebinar and it will be recorded and available to members in the members area.

There are two per month and the purpose is to allow members to get any questions answered, as well as to be constantly providing new content that extends the course.

The format may vary some as we go along depending on the needs of the group and number of attendees.

Will group coaching call be recorded?

Yes. If you live in a time zone where our group coaching calls are not convenient, you can submit your questions in advance and listen to the recordings.

Can I Upgrade From DIY to VIP?

Yes. You can pay the differential between what you paid and full rack rate of VIP to upgrade. Your 12 month clock resets when you upgrade, giving you one full year of group coaching calls and 1-on-1’s.