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By the end of this 8-week LIVE program, you will...

✓ Have your entire online sales funnel built... soup to nuts

✓ Be generating bucketfuls of low-cost, qualified leads

✓ Be converting those leads at a healthy profit

✓ Be able to generate a paycheck AT WILL!

What You'll LEARN In This LIVE 8-Week Program...


What You'll COMPLETE In This LIVE 8-Week Program...

Magic Hook found and tested
The Magic Hook creates the domino fall. It's the foundation. It makes everything that comes after... work!

Facebook ads running to drive new leads to webinar
There is no reason to learn everything about Facebook ads. We use just what works and ignore the rest.
Webinar created and infrastructure set-up
By the end of Week 4, you will have a highly converting webinar with marketing automation set up.

Email Sequence & Retargeting Ads For Non-Buyers
You will have your Long-Assed Email Sequence and Facebook ads working to convert the stragglers.

Meet Your Guide



The Reverse Funnel Workshop is taught by Kim Snider, creator of an eponymous investment workshop that has generated over $31 million in total revenue since 2001 and put her investment firm on the Inc List of Fastest Growing Companies in America in both 2008 & 2009.

Kim "retired" to South Carolina, in 2011,  and has since started several lifestyle businesses to support her polo habit ... umm, errr, keep her mind busy! 

She quickly discovered that, despite all of her knowledge and prior success, she simply couldn't get a funnel built... Not the way everyone else was teaching it!

Her epiphany was that "the secret is in the sequence" and The Reverse Funnel was born. 

The Nitty-Gritty...


The Program For Time-Strapped Expert Business
Owners Who Want A 'Paycheck-At-Will'
(a.k.a. a profitable sales funnel)

Second Session Begins:

Wed., August 9 @ 5:30PM EST

and the following 7 Wednesdays after

What You Get:

  • 8 weekly LIVE training sessions with Q&A and assignments ($1,997 Value)
  • Instant 24/7 Access To All Previous Reverse Funnel Video Content ($997 Value)
  • 14 day Active Campaign trial with 15% lifetime discount and my webinar campaigns ($8,997 Value)
  • Swipe File: My Webinar Slide Deck with Speaker's Notes ($1497 Value)
  • Swipe File: My Best-Performing Facebook Ad Copy ($797 Value)
  • Members-Only 2017 Tools and Sources List ($797 value)
  • 6 months Private Facebook Discussion Group ($997 Value)
  • 6 months Twice Monthly Live Member Calls ($2,976 Value)
  • 12 weekly 1 hour 1-on-1 Calls With Me ($12,700 Value)
  • Total Value: $31,755
    ONLY $1,997

Why reinvent the wheel when, for only $1997, I just give you all my hard-won secrets?

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What Others Are Saying  ...

"We've had three BIG break-throughs on conversions in the last few weeks. One doubled our average order size, which is massive! Another doubled conversion rate on a key page where we were leaking badly. And the final is the results from engaging customers with Intercom, which is still early days but I think will be huge impact as well ... And those have all come out of my 1-on-1's with you." - Kent Ertugrul, Executive Chairman, Waft.com
"This is so logical… it's crazy we haven't been doing it this way all along!" - Connie Cooper, Mortgage Advantage
"It would be MORONIC not to use the power of the Facebook algorithm. It's free and it's right there. To opt-out is stupid, which is what I did for about six months [..]
So I went through that. Then it was, 'OK. Who do I trust to help me do this in a way that is on-brand and not Internet marketer-y? '
Well ... I trust Angelique and I trust Kim ..."
- Kerri Konik, KerriKonik.com
"Kim quickly identified the problem and has given me the tools and support to quickly turn it all around. And... that's going to make a huge difference to how I can support my family."  - David Heatley, Founder, Cycling-Inform